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Life has many wonders awaiting to be discovered. There are so many things to learn, try and feel. It is a blank canvas where you can paint virtually anything that you want. 

Retirement is no longer what it used to be. Nowadays, it is a stage of life that is full of opportunities to enjoy the many aspects of being alive. With the proper care and wise choices, it can be a very long, very pleasing time where the many possibilities of life can be explored. 

The mission of Over the Hill Project Trust is to guide and encourage the elder into having a better and more enjoyable life. We provide advice and ideas to spend the time that you have ahead. We constantly update our news section with blogs about any matter that is relevant for people who is already retired from work. This is a great site to find out what to do and how to do it the best way.

What should you do to have a quality retirement?

Be in contact with your passions. Life is about doing what moves you. Find what makes you feel fulfilled and go after it. There is always a way, there are always means. Your priority must be to identify what is it that you really want and set your goals. This is the main source of all vital energy.

Suround yourself by people that you love. Even if it is alright to enjoy certain moments on your own, what makes a life happy is to share with people that you hold dear. Be in contact with your family and friends, and even take chances to make new friends. Even love could be awaiting behind the corner. Give life a chance and life will give a chance to you.

Take care of your own health. Go regularly to the doctor, excersise and have a balanced diet. Leave all nasty habits behind and you will live much longer and much better. Go for walks, try dancing or gymnastics, ride your bycicle. Group excersising is especially good because it is more encouraging and it is also a social activity that you can share with nice people. It can be really fun.

Share your wisdom and experience with the younger people. You have been through a lot of experiences and they have marked you and changed you forever. Others can make great use of your advice and your teaching. They will be grateful and you will feel of high value for your community.


Advice on retirement financing

We provide counseling on financing your retirement through the right home planning scheme. Equity release solutions will allow you to live your retirement to the full. Contact us to find more about how to boost your life quality by releasing money from your property without losing your right to live in it. Use the contact form that we provide or call us to learn more about equity release and how to use it to make your life better.

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"I have been a man of duty all my life. I have served my country and fought for my people in the past. Now I am retired and thanks to Over the Hill Project Trust I find out that there is yet much more to do. I am so happy to see that I can enjoy what I once protected with my life."
Cnl. Hector Sullivan

"My name is Betty Jones, I am eighty-nine years old and I love doing gymnastics! How strange does that sound? Some years ago I would have never imagine that this could happen, but I was lucky to find Over the Hill Project Trust and now look at me!"
Betty Jones

"I have many things to be grateful about, things that Over the Hill Project Trust did for us. But none of them will ever be greater than the light that now shines in the eyed of my beloved Sally. Thank you. Thank you so much."
Kenneth Grieves